Sensors of Air 2S and ADS-B working with Litchi?

I new with Litchi and did some first flights. All works well, but I have to explore many functions in the next time.
Does Litchi supports all sensors of the Air 2S and also the ADS-B Receiver? I think at least the ADS-B signal will not be recogniced. And the other Sensors (cameras, IR)? Any experience?



Collision avoidance will work when enabled.
For ADS-B, we do not yet show nearby airplanes on the map/warnings but this is something we hope to add soon


Hi vico

Thanks for your Reply. With DJI Fly I got often warnings of nearby aircrafts. There are many helicopters and sportplanes in our area. I wandering, that I never got warnings since I use Litchi. Now I know the reason why.