Security flaws in DJI Drones

Has anyone seen this report.

Security Flaws

Moments after clicking on the above link, I regained consciousness in the trunk of a car that bounced along a dirt road for several hours before grinding to a stop alongside a vast lake nestled amid old timber woodland. The trunk popped open and I was hit on the head as I tried to introduce myself. I blacked out again and remained in a stupor for some minutes.

As my eyes began to refocus I noticed that both my feet were secured together in a bucket full of quick-dry cement. With the cement presumed to be dry, I was then bundled into a speedboat that roared off across the glassy lake surface, scattering waterfowl as it zeroed in on the deepest section where the water took on a foreboding grey coloration.

Then I woke up and realized it had all been a horrible nightmare. I am now back here to warn fellow Litch forum readers that they must NOT under any circumstances, click that link above. Do NOT click that link.


A simple no it’s either true or not would suffice. You obviously fancy yourself as a comedian…FAILED!

@Mad_Pup , good one mate, love it

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This would make an awesome (short)YouTube video/movie! Maybe the warning at the end could be written on something enduring and the final scene shows someone new picking up the object and reading the link, with us knowing the person will “click that link” when they get home.

@Jerbear Nobody is trying to be rude to you, but sometimes we see certain issues come up quite often and we can’t resist a little fun. Feel free to join in should the mood strike you sometime!


Security warning: dont use WINDOWS and dont use wifi operated washing machine. Send your dji drone to UA and you will be safe.

Steve, there’s a difference between “not funny” and “not getting the joke.” It was actually quite an entertaining and funny satirical and sarcastic reaction to the manufactured drama that these security flaws mean to most of us. If you are scandalized by these “security flaws” - wringing your hands with worry over being hacked in this way, I can see how that could momentarily overpower your sense of humor - if you have one.

Funny response, Mad_Pup. Steve just didn’t get it.

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I don’t know where you got that idea Phil. It was Jerbear that said it was a fail. @Mad_Pup, Google “No anchovies please” by the J. Geils Band and you will hear a very similar plot by this band from the 70’s with this comedy sketch.

Indeed it was. I thought I was replying to Jerbear. My apologies. New to this forum.

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