Save mission format kmz

In the Litchi application, create a save mission option in KMZ format in order to view it in the Google Earth application on Android

IIRC there used to be an export like that that then disappeared a few month back.

You can export a mission as KML 3D path within the Mission Hub.

Oui je sais, mais ce que je demande c’est de pouvoir générer un fichier kmz adapté, pour simuler la mission dans GE directement dans l’application Android de Litchi. En fait ça pourrait une commande du type Exporter Kml de l’extension Chrome

Where is this KML file exported to? I can export a CSV file (Mac user) and it appears in my Downloads folder. When I click ‘Export KML 3D path’ no file appears. I’ve tried importing the CSV into Google Earth and all the waypoints appear but no flight path lines or elevation lines… I think I need the KML 3D file, but it doesn’t seem to be actually exporting… I’m using Safari as my browser (I also tried it in Firefox with even less luck) Any advice?

On PC you can choose where to save it to, I’ve got mine saved to a dropbox folder so that i can import them into other apps

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