Samsung T585 compatible?

Hi Folks. I’m on the verge of purchasing the app for my mini 2… having said that I’m having trouble with my Google pay settings and this is holding things up. There isn’t another way to buy it is there? not though the play store?

The main reason I want the app is as I’ve read it can be used on 32 bit tablets, unlike the DJI app. I’m planning on using it with my Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 (2016) SM-T585. Android 8.1 installed. Can anyone confirm this compatibility though please?

Can your tablet handle 4k video?

cheers… no I don’t think it does… official stats say it’s display is a WUXGA (1920x1200)

I’ve tried YouTube 4k vids but the max res option is 1080.

Well, why do you want to spoil the impression of mini2 on a bad screen? Yes, and without the ability to watch and process this video.

I’m more likely to be using it for photography and given I’ve managed to shoot landscape panoramas in low light on my phone, I figured this would be a useable upgrade. On the Phantomhelp list, there’s a line for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) 10.1… and over 500 people are recommending this tablet for use with the DJI app. I’m confused though as it also states P585, while mine is a T585? The DJI app won’t load on mine either.

Dropping a few £ on a new tablet is nothing to me but seems less hassle to use something I’ve got lying around. I process my material on my PC so the minor difference in viewing quality on the controller screen isn’t an issue for me.

Litchi will run on the SM-T585.

Buying Litchi from the Amazon Appstore, Instructions here:

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yesssss! that seemed to work. Just need to connect it to my controller now and give it a test. Thanks TriBar!! :slight_smile:

Any OTG cable/dongle will do the trick.
Most likely your tablet and/or phone came with an OTG dongle.

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cheers - I ordered a 30cm cable off Amazon… USB-C to micro USB… Lshaped etc. It fits perfectly but doesn’t communicate :frowning:

It was kind of weird as the cable linked my A50 phone to the tablet… just didn’t seem to like the controller to tablet link.

edit: I’ve just noticed it says “doesn’t support charging”…

I realise the arrangement in the image above would work but it would kind of stick-out from the side of the tablet. Does anyone know of a one piece cable that definitely works?

try the usb c end round both ways, some don’t crossover

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cheers - yep already tried that and no love :frowning:

Actually the original cable only works the other way around (from normal) with the tablet for some reason.

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was worth checking out

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I run the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 SM-T580 with litchi and a DJI Mini SE and have no problems. Have you turned on USB debugging in the developer options on the tablet

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hi - no haven’t tried that… will investigate :slight_smile:

tried it and still dead, dead, dead I’m afraid. Say’s it’s disconencted using the new cable, regardless of plug orientationet, whereas when I use the original short cable, it automatically fires-up litchi immediately (as I selected it to do). Oh well, will keep hunting for a new cable option. I can’t believe I haven’t got one of those OTG connectors in the house! :smiley: