Samsung s20+ and mavic pro2?

Hi all

Tried to fire up my mavic pro 2 for the first time in a while on holiday and nudda. Seems DJI don’t support my model of phone, Samsung s20+ and I can’t launch the app. I tried downloading direct from their site too, the bastards. Djis official stance is get another device.

Can I buy your software as an alternative and use it standalone or do I still need to have the dji go 4 app working with it?

I read in your info that you need to do the DJI software updates first?

Thanks, happy to buy your product if it’s a viable alternative

S20+ and M2Pro is fine with Litchi
DJI GO is not required however some less often used functions are not in Litchi yet such as IMU calibration, gimbal calibration etc
Because of that Litchi does not fully replace DJI Go

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