Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite compatibility

Hi everybody,

I am looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite to use with Litchi software and a DJI Mini 2 and was wondering if anyone has had any experience/issues with it. For context, this is how I plan to use it (set up):

  • set up tablet on a desktop mount so that two people can sit at a table and view the screen;
  • run a cable from the tablet to the Mini 2 controller;
  • Pilot (RPIC) controls/monitors drone via the FPV window on the screen & co-pilot monitors map view, makes flightplan adjustments, etc; observer maintains VLOS next to them;

I understand that the S6 Lite doesn’t have a compass, so does this affect Litchi’s autonomous flight capabilities?

Thanks all!

You can fly on your smartphone and distribute video to your tablet, why such difficulties with a long wire

Great question; I thought of doing that via Litchi Vue, but from what I understand, vue will only stream FPV and not the map. Or can it?

I wanted a tablet with at least 10in screen size so that one person can see FPV camera feed while another person can simultaneously monitor the map or change waypoints on the screen. Perhaps there is an alternative I am missing for this scenario?

You can use the standard means of broadcasting video from your phone to other devices, they will transfer the entire screen of your smartphone.

I’m using an S6 lite (SM-P610) with Litchi+Mini2, no issues other than the weak brightness in direct sunlight.