Samsung Galaxy A12 will not connect to my Phantom 4 adv. Drone.

My tablet that I fly with is not working right now so I put Litchi on a Samsung Galaxy A12 but it will not connect to my Phantom 4 adv. Drone.
I can signed in to my Litchi account and my Air Data token tests good.
I have always been able to run Litchi on any of my Samsung phones so may be there is a setting that is now letting it connect?
I have tried DJI Go 4 also and it will not connect either.
Usually when I connect my phone or tablet it will pop up and ask which app I want to use but it is not doing that and when I open Litchi it will not connect to the drone.
Any thoughts

If both Litchi & DJI Go4 on the same device do not connect to the remote controller, it’s most likely a USB related issue.
Try another USB cable.
If that doesn’t resolve the issue there might be a problem with the USB-connecter in the device (Phone).

Thanks for responding
I did try a different cable with no luck, also I can charge and download pictures from the phone to my computer so I think the USB port on the phone is ok.

I don’t know what happened to your tablet.
If your tablet malfunctioned while connected to your RC it might have damaged the USB port of your RC.

The tablet was not connected to the RC at the time it stopped working

Like I wrote in my first reply:
Your issue is most likely USB related.

Does your RC have a USB connector?

Phantom RC’s are wel known for ‘cold solder joints’ on the USB-A connector.

cold solder joints
cold solder joints 2

I put Litchi on my wife’s phone and it hooks up fine, so I am thinking it is something with the phone not letting it work

There might be dust/fluff inside the USB connector of your device preventing the connector from going in all the way (first hand experience).


Will check and see and try and clean it out

cleaned the USB connector and still will not connect, must not like this phone :slightly_frowning_face:
Any other thoughts from anybody?