Running the same mission different outcome!

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I created a mission in the mission hub and run it 12 times, I don’t understand why the outcome is different running the same mission!!!
The same M2Pro unit, 4K 30fps, this solution is not reliable for matching footage for me. !:upside_down_face::unamused:

Any tips greatly appreciated

That looks like an interesting project to document.

Consumer GPS is only accurate to the nearest 2 to 3 meters. No two waypoint missions will yield the same exact results.

I’ve done a couple similar projects to what you are doing. To make it work, I had to scale all footage to around 110% then I needed to adjust the X and Y offset of any new footage added to the project. This allowed me to get the important parts to line up while keeping the output frame filled.


Thanks for the advice,

A little youtube video tutorial on that process would be nice… :wink:

I’m sorry, I haven’t made a “How To” video on this. Here is the result of one of my projects from a few years ago. The video clips did not match at all until I shifted things around.


That’s a pretty cool video. Looks very smooth. Always wondered about these water towers. Is there no reservoirs/lakes around these areas? Is the water tower holding rain water or is it piped in from somewhere…

It is drinking water so it is piped in from somewhere.

Here is my recent attempt at taking the same mission 3 different times over a few months and combining the videos. I’m impressed as to how well the software actually was able to reproduce the mission with as much accuracy as it did.


Bonjour, très intéressant. Quel logiciel utilisez-vous ?

Very cool video. Love how you split the 3 videos and good choice of background music. Have you tried using Litchi to do a similar video in Hyperlapse mode. Tried a few times now but can’t really get a smooth video effect.

Thanks for the feedback! I have not tried Hyperlapse yet … I guess I’ve got some more experimenting to do. In the meantime, the construction project is going to put light poles down the old tennis court’s center line and I’m wondering if I’m going to have a problem when I re-run the mission with the light poles in place. :smile:

I did it and I earned a lot in the process! I created a semi-circular mission with height ranging from 400ft at the start to 130ft at the end with a 3ft focus point in the center, starting with a full battery, moving at 0.9mph, taking a photo every1 second, with just JPG. In order to attempt to improve the smoothness of the video I created a little program to quickly pick a focus point in each of the 1100 photos and then crop each photo to HD size. I’m also able to use the same original photo and create multiple focus point image series. The center point is smooth, but I found the lower the height of the flight the outer region of the video gets bouncy and may need some way to rotate the picture slightly. I use Wondershare Filmora 12 for video editing. Importing the photos and having each photo duration being 3 frames seemed to produce the best video. I only used the auto photo setting and didn’t make any corrections. Kudos to those that create these types of videos … It’s a lot of work.

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