Running LITCHI without installing DJI Fly? Or after desinstalling DJI Fly?

DJI sent me the message “DJI-CARE-BLOCK-MOTOR” on my LITCHI screen. Then on my DJI Fly screen. I couldn’t take off from my usual point. I contacted DJI. The technicians had no clue! The same happens if I use DJI Fly.

My question is: Can I desinstall the DJI software completely (without taking off as I just can’t) and run my MINI SE (Not the 2 version) with LITCHI alone?

It seems DJI Fly is becoming intrusive and very limited regarding help. I hope I can get rid of it.

.I have a DJI MINI SE. Not a DJI MINI 2 SE. And I have been using LITCHI without any problem for weeks, until I received this DJI message on my screen: “dji-care-block-motor”. I couldn’t even take off. I contacted DJI, but they have no clue. Besides, I don’t belong to their care system.
Simple question: Can I fly my DJI MINI SE (not a 2 model) with LITCHI alone after uninstall DJI Fly? Without flying it with DJI Fly (that doesn’t allow me to take off either).
NB: My MINI SE was working last week with LITCHI on the same spot. It is in perfect condition. I can turn the 4 motors with my fingers.
Anticipated thanks!

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Did you buy the drone brand new or 2nd hand?
What error message do you get in the DJI fly app?

I have never heard anyone mention that error message before. I haven’t heard of everything, but I’ve been following these forums for some time and that one has never come up before. Are you absolutely sure of your wording?

Sure. They are two separate apps with no direct dependencies on each other. Of course, there are settings in the DJI Fly app that are not in the Litchi app, but the Litchi app will run properly without having DJI Fly installed.

It is not completely clear what you meant to say here but if you saw the same exact message in both apps, it might be generated through Litchi’s use of the MSDK. I still have doubts about the verbiage of the message because I have never seen it mentioned before.

The wording of the message is exactly what I wrote. I had it again and checked. Now that I completely disconnected DJI Fly, LITCHI works well. Good enough for me. I really like the mission planning either on the mobile phone screen with fingers or on my PC.

I ask the same question again because the previous answers didn’t solve my problem:
I receive quite randomly on my LITCHI screen the message “DJI-CARE-BLOCK-MOTOR” with no reference to any error number. I can’t take off about 30% of the time. Even now that I uninstalled DJI Fly App for days and use LITCHI alone. Not getting any proper help from DJI. They send me a long list of possible reasons. None apply for my MINI SE as everything looks OK with it. Compass calibration / GPS and satellites (16 or 17 in my area) / clean motors, sensor and take-off area etc… Any one of you received this message once? How to solve this specific kind of random blocking?

It is not a Litchi fault.
Litchi is just reporting what the drone tells it.

Try installing DJI fly again.
If that don’t work then I suspect it is an internal controller fault, or even a loose wire.

Take the drone apart and check for loose motor wires.

Did you buy the drone brand new or 2nd hand?

Maybe the drone was lost or stolen from the previous owner, and the
previous owner eventually contacted DJI to shut it down.
Did you buy the drone from Ebay or similar websites ?

DJI MINI SE purchased brand new in Paris at a DJI store, near the Pantheon. Their service has no clue about this specific message. To-day, my drone flew properly. Not sure about to-morrow. DJI claimed on the phone that it could be because I have Litchi. Which I don’t believe.

Show screenshots about error message.

I am sure I have read somewhere that DJI Fly can cause conflicts with Litchi. My suggestion would be to uninstall both DJI Fly and Litchi. Then reinstall Litchi and keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks for the advice. I did. It went well for my latest 3 short flights.

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