RTH issue with MiniSE

Hi Guys

I am new to drones and have a question I hope you guys can answer.

Whenever I press the RTH on the controller, the drone acts as expected. Returns to home point and start descending for the landing.
I then cancel the operation before landing and fly out again.
If I press RTH again, the drone does not return, instead, wanting to land right there where it is. Not even trying to come back to the home point.

Is this normal or is there something that I need to set?


This may be normal. Depending on the drone, there may be three different actions that could occur depending on how far the drone is from the home point when the RTH button is pressed. I have an Air 2s, and in its manual it says:

Check the manual for your drone.


Download the Mini SE User Manual Here:

Pages 12, 13 & 14.

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Thanks for the responses. Let me clarify one point - I am referring to the RTH button on the Litchi App, not on the controller.

That doesn’t matter, Litchi merely activates the RTH procedure build in the firmware of the drone.
Using another app than the official DJI app (DJI GO(4), DJI Fly, DJI Pilot…) doesnt’t mean the User Manual gets obsulete.

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Thanks @wesbarris , this might be the reason:
“If the aircraft is less than 20 m from the Home Point when the RTH procedure begins, it lands
Maybe I was not further than 20m when I activated RTH the 2nd time. I need to test that. Good enough reason to fly :slight_smile: