RTH during Waypoint mission Mavic 2 Pro

Good morning
Still a bit of a beginner with Litchi, I would like to know how to trigger the RTH, in case of emergency, during a waypoint mission. There is no RTH key on my screen.
Mavic 2 Pro, iPad Pro
Thank you in advance for your help

On the controller, RTH button (#2)

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Don’t forget that provided you set the drone to CONTINUE waypoint missions in the event of signal loss with the controller in your hand, the drone will complete the mission even with the controller turned off provided that battery life is adequate to complete the entire waypoint sequence…

If smart RTH in the event of low battery has been set as a safeguard in the settings page, the drone will terminate the waypoint sequence and make a beeline for the launch point in the event that its real-time calculations indicate that the remaining battery life will not suffice to complete all waypoints in the mission.


Thank you Sam
I will try as soon as possible