RTH doesn't always work (MINI 2)

RTH doesn’t always work.
I took several short flights and used RTH to return. After a few perfect returns, on subsequent flights RTH no longer works and a time out message appears.
It is necessary to turn off everything, including the drone, and start from scratch.
After a few flights the problem returns as above.
The DJI software doesn’t give me any problems.

Please check this thread Known Issues with current release
Also for Mini 2, the drone must be further than 20m away from home point for RTH to work, regardless of the method of RTH


Yes, I know the 20m minimum distance. It was more. Tomorrow I will check RTH button on the remote controller as you have suggest me.
Thank you!

I was thinking the same as i got a pop-up message “command execution timeout” 'till i remembered that the waypoint from where i wanted to start RTH was within the 20m range, but i do not remember the error number.

Today I did more tests.
If you activate RTH from the app with a distance greater than 20m, everything works.
If you activate RTH from the app with a distance of less than 20m, error time out but RTH from a physical key remote control works.
Attention: if in the previous flight there was an error time out because you activated RTH <20m, RTH in the next flights no longer works even for distances> 20m. It is necessary to reset for everything to work again.
RTH from physical button remote control always works.


Even the RTH button didn’t work after timeout <20m for me.

This is weird. The RTH button on the controller should work even without any app, it directly controls the drone, as far as I understand. If that doesn’t even work that’s a firmware issue more than anything/

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For the Mini 2 it is not the case within the <20m range.
It has the same behavior with the FlyApp or even without.

Why does this problem exist in the Litchi app and when will you solve it?

RTH also does not work in payload mode, might have been an issue?

Can anyone please tell me if this issue has been fixed. I am experiencing the same issue, flying a DJI Air 2S and using a DJI RC Pro Version 2. Litchi app on the controller is version 4.26.2a. Please Help As I am relatively a newbie.

Read the ‘What’s New’ section:

And read the at least the RTH-section in the User Manual of your drone.

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