RTH at end of mission

I have selected RTH at ‘finish action’ but my drone (Air 2S) just hovers at last waypoint. Am I missing a step or should the drone come home at this point?

Have you set the home point prior to take-off?

Yes and it even shows as part of the path. I have the waypoints programed and let it set home, then it paint a path to and from the first and last waypoints. It just hangs at the last waypoint on one of the missions and not the other.

Check your ‘signal lost behaviour’.
It’s most likely set to ‘hover’.

Lost signal is set for RTH, setting that to hover does not sound like a good idea to me so I changed it right away.

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There are two solutions:

  1. when you reach the last waypoint, select STOP on the Litchi interface (Left hand side square red button), then fly home manually.
  2. In the Settings set Return to Home as the Finish Action option

“Yes it even shows as part of the path” … the path lines to your home location are not part of the waypoint mission. They are simply indicating which way you need to fly to get back to the Home location.

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I fly an Air 2s using an iPad. I always have the “Finish Action” set to “RTH”. In most cases, at the end of the mission, the Air 2s behaves as expected and returns to home. Often, I cancel and return manually, but the RTH option works.

However, I have experienced what you describe on a couple of missions. In both of those cases, the Air 2s completes the mission and hovers after reaching the last waypoint even though I had the “Finish Action” set to “RTH”. I have never experienced this with other DJI drones. It has only happened to me a couple times when flying the Air 2s. I have not pursued this because I cannot reliably replicate the issue.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a solution. But I am confirming that you are not alone in experiencing this issue.


I always fly my last waypoint back to where I am standing. But that doesn’t solve your problem. Should return home if you have it set.

Flew that same mission today and the drone came home at the end of its run. There hasn’t been anything major yet but I am experiencing some changes in behavior between flights. I don’t know that it is Litchi, it might be the drone itself.

You could try recalibrating the drone in the DJI Fly app since Litchi only calibrates the compass.

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That’s because the Air 2s is a so called ‘VSC’ drone.
All litchi compatible drones that use the DJI Fly app are.

Most likely this was the reason your drone ‘seemed’ to hover at the last waypoint, it had not reached it yet because of an intermittent control signal.

Have a look at this topic to learn more:

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Thanks for the information. Next round, I’ll shut my controller off and see if the drone comes back to home. From what that says, it should.

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Make sure to test the drone in a wide open area with few if any trees.

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