Rotating a light painting mission

Hi, I have created a light painting mission and it works great, but I would like to rotate the mission without rotating the terrain. In other words rotating the drawing itself in the sky to suit the landscape.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You can rotate the entire mission about the Z-axis using the rotate tool in the mission hub. The rotate tool is found by selecting the wrench icon.

Hi, thanks for the quick response and by the way I love all the work you’ve done providing all the mission tools. That being said I must be doing something wrong because when I try to rotate the mission as you describe the landscape also rotates. I would like just to created mission to rotate too line it up with mountains in the background.

Another issue I’m having is the 99 waypoint limit on my Mavic 2 Pro which makes the mission a little choppy due to having restricted points. Can I exceed the 99 limit if the mission if flown on my other drones.
Mini 2
Mini 3 Pro
Mavic 3 Pro

Thanks in advance

Hi Wes, with some trial and error I was able to figure out how to rotate the mission. My only other question is concerning the 99 waypoint limit.

Thanks Russ

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Read the May 2022 Updates:

Yes, the rotate tool does require some trial and error before you figure out how it works. Once you know how, it’s easy.

With a Mavic 2 Pro and a mission with more than 99 waypoints, the drone will pause at waypoint 99 so that it can load the next batch of 99 waypoints into memory from the controlling device. It will then resume the mission automatically.

When using a drone that uses “Virtual Sticks”, there will not be a pause after waypoint 99 because each waypoint is sent to the drone in real time as the mission is flown.

Hi, when I fly a mission with more than 99 waypoints on my Mavic 2 Pro it stops after 99 and does nothing even though when you start the mission it states that it will load the next set automatically. Will choosing “Force Virtual Stick Mode” eliminate the problem as the drone is always within a couple hundred meters of the land based camera setup?

Thanks Russ

That’s curious. When I fly a mission with more than 99 waypoints using my Mavic 2, there is a pause while uploading the second batch of 99, but it does then continue.

You don’t get to choose. Older drones have on-board waypoints. Some newer drones have virtual-stick waypoints.

Ok thanks, ill try it with one of my other drones.