Reverse Waypoint Route

I have a route from waypoint 1 to 99. How can I invert that route so that waypoint 99 is the new 1, and waypoint 1 is 99?

Fly straight and then back, put it in the settings

In ‘Mission Settings’ set ‘Finish Action’ to ‘Reverse’.
Then when you start the mission at WP99, you can fly the entire mission back to WP1 by holding the right controller stick down.

However, this does NOT work (yet) with drones build for the DJI Fly App (Mini-1-2-SE, Air-2-2S. Mavic-3).

In That case export your mission as a CSV-file in the Mission Hub.
Open this CSV-file in preferably a spreadsheet program like MS Excel or a plain text-editor.
Now rearrange all lines but line-1 to your likings (each line represents 1 waypoint).
Save this file with a new name keeping the extention CSV and import it as a new mission in the Mission Hub.

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There is also an easier way :wink:

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A negative speed value means movement in the opposite direction.


Negative Cruising Speed does NOT work with VSC-drones.

And where in this thread is it written about vcs drones?

What are vcs drones ??

Quote from the theme author. Where did you see the name of the drone?

Nowhere, you posted about vcs drones.

Well, why talk about it

Indeed, why did you even bring vcs drones up

He probably just meant Virtual Sticks drones.