Reverse setting in Waypoint mode does not work on mavic mini

I have set my waypoint mission to Reverse after it reaches the last waypoint. However the mission simply ends at the last waypoint–using a mavic mini. Is this something that can be fixed.

Manual speed override during a waypoint mission is not yet supported for drones build for the DJI Fly app.
Perhaps this is a related issue and will be fixed simultaniously with the above issue.

I have the same problem with the reverse function not working in the Mavic Mini - it just hangs in the air when the route ends.
This still hasn’t been fixed?
Or do I have to do something extra to “reverse” has been working on the last waypoint.

Push the stick back. And read the instructions

It’s still not supported for DJI Fly drones. I tested it yesterday.

Just ignore paxxa, he doesn’t know what’s he talking about.