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I have been hired to do orbits above and around cell towers. I am new to litchi, so i was hoping there was a way to land my aircraft when it reached a home point on the orbit, change out the battery, and have it return to the same orbit and altiture it just left? That is where i seem to be losing a lot of time on these missions. the client is ln need of 2 second photo intervals for mapping, and if i have to land, change the battery, and get approximately to the right height and orbit, set my orbit, start my photos and start the orbit, that takes a large amount of time. Are there any shortcuts? or something I dont know about?

You could make several litchi missions, next starts where the
previous one finished.
That’s the easy bit.

2 second photo intervals is meaningless, what radial angle does that represent ?

You need to know ( and maintain ) the flight radius around the tower from the drone,
the number of photos per revolution, the height increment for each revolution,
the height of the tower,
will it be a spiral climb or a cylindrical step climb.

You will need to keep the camera horizontal to the centre axis of the tower.
Whatever it is, it sure is going to be a hell of a lot of work !

That’s why you got the job, no one else wants to do it.

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If you had one, very long Litchi mission, you could:

  1. Fly until the battery gets low.
  2. Make note of the waypoint the drone just completed
  3. Land
  4. Switch batteries
  5. Restart the same mission at the waypoint just after the completed one
  6. Repeat as needed
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You know what? you are absolutely correct. I flew several missions and uploaded the trillion or so “photos”. Then i was told “these are no good. youll have to go back and re-fly them”. Screw that! I have always done video, and orbited, and had perfect mapping results. Its not like gas is 19 cents a gallon. to drive to another state and do the same insane results. I took my losses, and walked from the job. Let some other person that needs work, go broke.