Return to home WAYPOINT

Okay so I set a waypoint and had it where it hovered once got there well I clicked return to home afterwards and it stayed 200ft in the air the landing button would pop up I’d click land and it would only go down a couple feet this happened until the battery died and the drone fell out the sky… Anyone know what caused this it wouldn’t let me manually take it over either?

Can you share the mission, also how far away horizontally was the drone, RTH won’t work if you are within a certain distance, in those situations just change out of normal into sports or cine mode and back to normal and you’ll have full control of the drone, by the way what drone was it

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On most (if not all) DJI remote controllers, the Return To Home is initiated by a ‘press and hold’ of the RTH button. A simple click of that button is typically a Pause/Resume mission function.

There should have also been a Low Battery RTH initiated before the battery completely died. That battery level is set using the DJI FLY (or Go4) app, depending on which drone you have.

As @Martin_Reading said, you can always abort any mission and assume manual control of the drone by a simple mode change.

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This is certainly not the expected behavior but your description of events is not clear and raises many questions.

When you say “set a waypoint”, what does that mean? Missions created in the Mission Hub must have at least two waypoints. In the app you can create a one-waypoint mission but that would not be a very useful mission.

When you say “where it hovered”, does that mean that you added a “Wait for” action at that waypoint or do you mean that it hovered when the mission was completed?

What was your mission “Finnish Action” set to?

While it was hovering was the drone still executing the mission? If so, the mission needs to be cancelled before you re-acquire complete control over your drone.

While there should have been a “Low Battery RTH”, this is a function built into the drone and the point in time in which it occurs is calculated and cannot be set in DJI Fly or Go4. The “Low Battery Warning” can be set at a chosen percentage but this is just an audible warning and is not directly related the the “Low Battery RTH” built-in function of the drone.

True. A better explanation of my point (more coffee should have been taken in before I worded my post)

The drone was a Inspire 2 on 1.25.00 I set 2 waypoints one at the starting location and one down the street when it got to the second waypoint it was set to HOVER when it got there it was hovering and wouldn’t return home the battery got low and force it to RTH once it got back to my location I was at it was 200ft in air I clicked LAND it said landing 3 different times and would only come down a few feet and eventually battery died and fell out the sky… anyone know what could of caused this problem? Wouldn’t let me manually fly it either…

If I have NFZ installed and inspire 2 is on 1.25 could that be the problem it’s having? Is NFZ not capable with litchi ?