Restart from waypoint after last completed to allow mission battery changes

Currently when flying long waypoint missions (e.g. mapping), if there is a need to change the battery, you have to memorise the last waypoint completed and then, following battery change, select the correct waypoint to restart at. When you have hundreds of waypoints this can be tricky and time consuming, it would seem like an easy job to offer an option of restarting at the waypoint following the last completed one when starting a mission, or even better to allow battery changes as part of the mission so no restart required - but I can see that would be more involved.

I would echo that request, as I think one of the BIG advantages of Litchi Missions is for 3D Mapping, and I agree with Dave that it’s a faff having to work the current way. I’m new to this forum, so should I assume that Litchi representatives are monitoring this forum and its comments and will respond accordingly in due course?