Renommer une Mission Hub

Bonjour, serait-il possible, dans Mission Hub, de pouvoir renommer une mission. En effet, actuellement, si l’on veut changer le nom d’une mission, il faut la sauvegarger sous un nouveau nom puis supprimer l’ancienne mission

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Hello, would it be possible, in Mission Hub, to rename a mission. Currently, if you want to change the name of a mission, you have to save it under a new name and then delete the old mission.

You do NOT have to delete an older mission just because you renamed it to create a new mission. Here I renamed The Devil’s Tower to The Devil’s Tower 2 without deleting the original mission.

That is copying one mission to a new one with a different name. The old one still exists and a 2nd one with a new name

Oui Sam, je suis d’accord, c’est pourquoi de demandais la possibilité de renommer une mission

Désolé, mais il semble que l’option 'renommer n’est pas disponible. Il n’est pas difficile de copier sous un nouveau nom, puis de supprimer l’ancien.

That is the same thing as renaming a file or mission. The only question is whether or not to delete the old mission or keep it. But you are right that there is not a rename button or function to make it easier.

Not to nit-pick, but:
Copy: An imitation or reproduction of an original; a duplicate.
Rename: To give a new name to.
Bit of a difference

Oui, je me suis sans doute mal exprimé. Il manque un bouton our pouvoir renommer une mission sans avoir à supprimer une ancienne mission identique mais avec un autre nom

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And I gave the copied file a new name.

Copied file
Now, you have 2 unless you delete the first (the old name)

I agree, but this is a work around method since there is no rename function available. Besides I find it useful to have several slightly different missions with a very similar name.