Remote ID - Mini 3 Pro, EU with Litchi


Does anyone know if Litchi can enable the transponder/ Remote ID on the Mini 3 Pro drone in EU? I do quite a bit of operations within specific category which makes RID mandatory, even though the drone is sub 250 grams. For now I use my Mavic 3 Pro, but I find the Mini 3 Pro more suitable for some of the operations.


The broadcasting of a Remote ID signal is totally under the control of the firmware installed in the drone. Whether or not a RID signal is being broadcast does not depend on what software is being used to fly the drone. If the firmware determines that RID needs to be on, one could fly without any software and the drone would still broadcast RID.

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Ok! Then I’ll just have to wait and hope for DJI to release an update to enable RID. Thanks🙌