Remapping Zoom Function

Would the DJI API allow the Litchi app to change camera zoom (Mini 2 + basic controller) from a combination of the FN + wheel, to one of the joysticks? For example, the RIGHT-LEFT X-axis on the RT-joystick?

This would allow me to tilt and adjust zoom simultaneously. Which for my use case (elevated sports filming) would be hugely helpful.

Good chance I’m not the only one who would like to be able to simultaneously tilt and zoom with the basic controller.

Would this be possible?


ps: honestly, I’d like to completely remap the controls so it more closely maps typical XBOX controllers for PTZ cameras. Maybe have a “tether mode”

You should be able to zoom also using the custom functions Zoom In/Out (not smooth though). I don’t think that we can reproduce the native smooth zoom with SDK, only direct zoom to a specific focal length

I programmed a similar function for using absolute positioning for zooming a PTZ camera. Used Sony’s VISCA protocol over a serial connection – worked quite well. A rapid series of absolute zoom levels sent to the camera. Was very smooth. And good thing about zooming is there’s no drift – you don’t need to poll the camera for a current focal length.

Results using DJI api might be similar.

Here’s what I’d really like (and probably anyone else with a background in PTZ cameras):

RT-Joystick: UD - tilt camera. RL - pan camera (rotate drone).
LT-Joystick: UD - drone forward / back, RL - zoom in / out
Wheel: drone up / down

You could call this “PTZ Mode”.

Save poor youth sports teams from having to shell out $900 for a smart controller…