Refurbished Mini 2

Good day all,

I received a second hand Mini 2 last week.

Almost everything is fine.

Al initial tests were fine.

Then I started flying old Litchi missions that I used regularly on my previous Mini 2 as well as on my Mini 3P.

Right from the start I noticed that one instruction does not execute (to stop all action and take a photo) eg.

Tilt gimbal to -18°

Start recording

Tilt gimbal to -90°

Stop recording

Wait 2s

Take Photo

Wait 2s

Tilt gimbal -18°

Start recording

I tested this on three old missions as well as one new special mission (for testing)

No joy.

I tested the camera manually, no problem.

I linked the drone to my other RC-N1, same problem.

I checked firmware, al up to date.

Any ideas please as I need those photos



9 June 2024

Make sure you’ve got the path mode set to straight lines and not curved turns

All missions was set to straight lines. Not the prolem. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Was worth checking it out

Problem solved after a major reset.
All function active.
Thanks Martin.

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Good to hear you got sorted, sometimes its worth taking everything back to a clean slate

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