Refund the payment

This is not a very good App I only bought it because my drone is DJI Air 2s. I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH THE PRODUCT, every time it flies I am woried y may loose the drone because it does not alwais work properly.
How can I get my money back

Not sure what your problem is but it is actually better then DJI’s Apps. Has worked perfectly for me with no issues.
Depending on what IOS you have you will have to go to either Apple store or Google Play store to ask for a refund.

Litchi is an excellent app.
Maybe you need to spend some time learning how to use it.

What problems are you having with it, if you tell us maybe it can get sorted, I use it with android with no problem, apart from the panorama being no good

What problem do you have with Litchi?
I assume you researched before buying the app, it does what it says it does.
At first, it might seem a little sketchy but after some flights I actually trust the app.

However, for Air 2S most of the Litchi features are in DJI Fly, except Waypoints.

  1. When you take off and the drone slowly climbs up and does not move (happen twice) and you have to land I think there is a problem.
  2. When Litchi switches from fotos to video not letting the user to use the foto feature ( happened once) and subsequently fills the memory) I think it’s a big problem.

I think this is most likely because your drone hasn’t gotten a good lock on enough number of GPS satellites. Wait for a few seconds and then when your drone has latched onto GPS signals from more than ~10 satellites, you will be able to fly freely.

There is a small “satellite” indicator on the top left of the screen that shows you how many GPS satellite signals are available to the drone.

I am pretty sure this is true of the default DJI app too.

Not sure if I understand you properly, but you most probably cant take a photo when a video is being captured. You will have to turn off the video capture, and then switch to photo mode and take photos.
That is true of most cameras, not just drones - only some high end cameras can take photos while video is being actively captured.


Clean bottom sensors, wait for GPS lock.

Don’t understand completely what you mean, but you can switch between photo and video modes without any issues. You can’t take photo while in video mode, same thing with DJI Fly.

You can contact Litchi Support at and they will help you with the refund.

I had a minimum of 17 satelites when taking off

What about the issue of litchi starting to film and I could not switchback to photos (it kept switching back to video)

On Android Litchi is FAR better than DJI Fly app.
Orbit actually keeps centered on the subject better
Follow follows the controller
Waypoint missions are saved on the device and in the cloud so you have backups of your missions when you move to a new device.
Audio feedback provides an extra layer of safety while flying.
Litchi is a NO BRAINER superior to the crappy Fly app :slight_smile:


Perhaps you had auto record option ticked. This forces video and not photos so you have to make sure this is turned off if you plan on taking photos.