Recovering my Litchi App

Silly me, a few months ago I got Litchi app to use with my dji drone, but three days ago when I went to use the app it was gone from my tablet. I haven’t done anything new or different to my tablet. I’ve tried reaching out to Litchi to see if they can help me recover, but I haven’t heard back. It’s important to me because this weekend I and a few friends want to fly our drones. Has anyone else had this problem?

What sort of tablet do you have?

Hi, an iPad Mini 2. 7.9” (8”). I really hope I don’t have to repurchase the Litchi App, I had printed the instructions – been studying them. My friend Barry also got Litchi for him and his wife droning journeys and I was going to join them. Have you heard of this happening before. I’m hoping that Litchi has an account and can see that I had purchased it. :slight_smile:

What is probably happening is your unused apps are being off-loaded. There is a setting in IOS that controls this. Go to Settings → General → iPad Storage and you should see this option:

Make sure it is turned off.

You will not have to pay for Litchi again. All you have to do is download it again from the App Store. As long as you are logged into iCloud using the same AppleID used when purchasing Litchi, you will be able to download it again without paying.

All I can say is thank you and wow! Greatly appreciated.

Would this work the same way with an amazon tablet or other Android? Do you know by chance?

If, by “this” you are referring to the “Offload unused app” function, I don’t know. I am not an Android user. I don’t know if Android has that function.

If, by “this” you are referring to downloading Litchi multiple times from the same app store using the same account without having to pay again, then yes, you can download Litchi multiple times from the same app store whether that store is the IOS App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon store.

Yes, it was the 2nd this! Got it! I’m smiling all the way home today. Can’t wait to find my little treasure! Thanks again for your time.

As far as Android goes, It will ‘flag’ an app as unused but it will not remove/uninstall it. They are still there and ready to be used.

Thank you Sam_G! I’m really excited about using the app!

I found it!!! You two were right on the money like they say. I found it and it was perfect. NOW – I understand we can use the app in more than one table/phone – can I use it on my small 7.7 Amazon Fire tablet or do I need to get a new Litchi app for to use with that. Please and thanks.

Read FAQ #10: