Recording video on IOS

I have just purchased Litchi for IOS having recently changed from Android to Iphone. Can anyone tell me why when I use it the video just keeps adding to the previous file?

Do you mean that it adds new video to the same file from a previous flight?
Or, do you mean that it creates a new video file using consecutive numbers?

Its not clear what you mean.

Yes, sorry I wasn’t clearer, it’s adding footage to a file from previous flight!

I don’t see how that would be possible. When you stop recording, the current video file is closed.

With an empty SD card, if you capture two separate videos, are you saying that you end up with only one mov/mp4 file on your SD card?

That’s how it appears, I will check again tomorrow and report back!

It doesn’t.
Most likely you are confused with the file numbering method used.

File numbering on DJI Fly drones.

  1. Continuous:
    Copy the contents of the SD card(s) (using a computer) to a hard drive on the PC and then delete all files or format the SD card(s) directly on the PC.
    Then the previous numbering is always continued on the next flight, i.e. not reset!

  2. Reset:
    Format the SD card in the drone after copying the data.
    The numbering then always starts with “DJI_0001”.