Recording audio with video from your phone

record audio with video on your phone using the RC N1 same as you would use the remote with screen integrared.

I assume you are talking about screen recording, if so then just use the phones screen recorder

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No,I don’t talk about screen recording. I meant a switch on/off for audio recording that gives u the option to use the mic of ypu device or any other mic connected with or without a wire so basically when you transfer the video to your phone or pc to have the audio attached already to the high quality video you record. I know you can record the screen, but by doing so ypu compromise the quality of the video and require editing. I belive that would be great this way and it has only advantageas. This is just my opinion with my limited knowledge, for me would make a big difference this mostly because the way I know with editing a screen recording is time consuming, the quality of the video not big of a deal, but what if you need to use the grid lines and screen record for having audio, this is another downside. I mean it’s up to you guys to see it is enaugh important and how many people would comsider helpfull ane needy. Thank you for answering and taking your time to reading " short idea" :grin: