Recommended phone

AS an Apple phone user, I am not familiar with Android phones.

What would be an “economic” phone to use with the Beta Litchi Pilot App…

I see there is a Heauwa P10, which has 3GB RAM and 25GB of memory.

Would this be suitable?

You should buy a cheap Apple Ipad mini 4 for your drone.

You will have 2 X the screen area of a phone, and also have
a cellular connection for your gps and background maps.

Apple Ipad mini 4 A1550 cheap on Ebay.

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From reading the OP’s post they are going to be using with Litchi Pilot beta, therefore a mini 3 so it will have to be an Android device as iOS isn’t supported by MSDK5


Ok, I did not think about that needing the android system.
What about a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" tablet.
Cheap on Ebay around £100

Many thanks for the advice. I will look out form that…:slight_smile: