Recent problem from Google earth pro to mission hub

I ask you for help with a recent problem of mine, which I did not have previously.
I create a series of waypoints for a mission with Mission Hub.
I export what I have created in VLM
I open the file obtained in “google earth pro” to make the changes I want.
At the end of the work except place with name
I open the file obtained on Mission Hub; and here the problem emerges: I find the number of waypoints at least duplicated, often tripled!
What mistake do I make? Is there any approach I need to take action on?
Thank you

Personally, I don’t edit missions in google earth pro, I’ll create them in mission hub, then export as vlm, fly them in google earth, make a mental note of any changes i want/need to make, then make those changes in mission hub, before reflying in google earth

Hi Fulvio,
Do you mean like this ?

Turn off or delete flight 1, 2, and flight 3 in Google earth places to show your most recent flight.

Prima di scrifere sul forum avevo fatto tale opzione.
La risposta al mio problema mi è appena arrivata da un altro social a cui mi sono rivolto. La soluzione l’ho provata ed è risultata esatta; è la seguente:

Hi Fulvio,
I understand your problem now, this would be in the mission hub.
Good that you have found the answer !

Non io ho trovato la soluzione ma un youtuber… :wink:

Do you still have this problem ?
Many duplicates of the same waypoints in Litchi hub.

No, ho già scritto: problema risolto ed ho anche indicato a tutti come :slightly_smiling_face: