Reactions by Litchi mission if obstacle avoidance sensors sense obstruction

Prior to planning a mission with my air 2S I want to verify how Litchi reacts to this condition:
Lets say I’m in error on a point and it would fly my drone into a tree limb however the 2S would normally brake or go around when flying by stick.
My obvious question is: How would the 2S react when completing a mission point with the aforementioned point error presented? Will is stop on “brake” setting and cancel the mission? Will it ignore the sensor(s) and attempt to proceed to the point? Exactly how will the drone react under this example?
Thanks in advance


I don’t know about the Air2s, but here’s a video from a Mavic Pro and a video from a Phantom 4.

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Thanks for sharing. I think I will setup a 2 point test where I can hang a bed sheet between the two points and see just how it reacts. I’ll try both brake and bypass. Does it brake and abort? Does it bypass and go to the next point? Does it make the wife angry because she now has ventilated sheets?
Test will tell. Stay tuned!

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For the Air 2S: It will brake and stop if you are in brake or bypass mode, it won’t actually bypass.

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Thanks Vico. I was going to test today but 40 mph winds, ice storm and snow…
Can you tell me, If you manually maneuver around the obstacle after it stops does the mission continue or is it terminated?

You will not be able to maneuver manually without ending the waypoint mission. This is something we could add though, or also we could make it attempt to bypass on its own


I would prefer that:
1- The drone brakes and hovers.
2- An audio message states “Warning, Obstacle Detected. Cancel Mission to regain manual Control” along with a displayed Warning message.
3- Once the Mission is stopped then the message disappears and also the audio alarm.

Myself, I don’t think bypass would be a good Idea. I think an error in a point needs attention to adjustment. My reasoning is this. If I flew my 2S then bypass may not be an issue. Grab my mini and load the same mission, end of Mini.
Thank you

@TriBar Much thanks!
Your first video (2s), answered some questions, that I had, regarding My Air 2’s capabilities.
You’re second video, was, not only HIGHLY entertaining, but, it also, opened my eyes to the Phantom 4’s capabilities, as well! I’ve been considering buying my Buddy’s rig, to go with the rest of my Fleet, and I think you just made him a sale! Lol.
Thanks for sharing!

Waking up an old thread.
I just got Litchi and using air2s.
I place my drone under a shelter(3metres high) and I setup my waypoints.
I click start and the drone fly up, I instinctively put my controller to cine mode to stop the drone from ascending.
I know I should have place my drone without any stuff above it.

However, the burning question is does the drone’s obstacle avoidance is always active in all scenarios when using litchi?
Thanks so much.