RAW/DNG 360° Auto Panoramas with the Globe Icon - Are They Currently Possible?

The reason I like the RAW/DNG files for making the panoramas is that in post-production, I have more leeway to adjust almost all aspects of photo quality. I am also planning on making very large prints 3.5ft x 3.5ft (1.1m x 1.1m) of the resulting tiny planets, so working with the best quality possible is the goal. It also preserves all kinds of information so that if something is a little overexposed or underexposed, it can be corrected easily. JPEGs are not ideal, here’s a simple analogy: a Microsoft Word document is like a RAW/DNG file and a JPEG is like a PDF file. Sure, you could edit a PDF, but given the choice, most people would opt for the Word document for full control.

For 360° panoramas with the DJI Go 4 app, I would use full manual mode and make sure to not overexpose the bright areas, and it was possible to shoot RAW/DNG photos.

I use the whole Adobe suite, so I would stitch to them together first in Lightroom and do color correction/grading, then export to Photoshop to make tiny planets with an easy 5-step process I found on YouTube. I have been able to replicate the Litchi tiny planets quite well, they look almost identical.

So, to reiterate, are RAW/DNG 360° Auto panoramas with the globe icon currently possible with Litchi? If so, how do I go about programming the Litchi software to do just that?

FYI, I use an iPad mini 5th gen for flying my Phantom 4 Pro V.2.0.

Thanks for the help in advance, I will really appreciate it!

Set your drone camera mode to J+R and you will get both when you do a 360 pano.

Thanks Greg, I’ll try that out next time I get a chance, it looks like rain for a few days in a row here though.

I’m also shooting a wedding this weekend, and they were very interested in a picture of the whole venue with multiple pictures stitched so they can blow it up for display in their house. RAWs would be great for that too.

By programming the cinematic video moves in Litchi, I was able to cut down to 1 battery instead of 3 like I originally practiced. I had no idea the automation would reduce battery life, but it makes sense because I don’t have to waste time getting into position and thinking what I need to do. I’ll use the extra time to take pictures.


No worries, good luck