Range of mission

I would like to ask something simple as my first post.

I plan to execute a flight mission whose range is greater than my DJI mini 2 reception. (2.5km)

What will happen if the remote connection is lost during the execution of the mission?
(will it hover? will it continue and return to the start point, if provided?)

Is the flight path uploaded before take off on the Mini 2 or is it being transmitted live ?

It goes without saying that the battery is fully charged.

The question is for the range and not the charge.

Thank you all!

Read this thread:


Thank you very much for this prompt reply!

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The question still remains for me. If you fly out of range or drone loses connection for any other reason should it not abort mission and return to home assuming you have it enabled in the mission settings…

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It depends on your drone. Most newer DJI drones will abort a mission upon signal loss. The mission settings only control the behavior while connected to the drone and not what happens after signal loss.

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You didn’t want to read details ether. Same as I. :ok_hand:

Actually that is why got on this forum, I had know clue what my MM1 would do.

For the OP, etc.
I make sure that my RTH is set at 100m for my tall trees.

Example of what would get me.
I’m making a video around my house on a mission under a OAK I loose signal drop the remote what ever. It will be easy to find. :grinning: :ok_hand:


It’s not that I didn’t or don’t want to read details or manuals. It’s the terminology used that confuses me just like the answer @wesbarris provided above. At no point is he or anyone saying…“Yes! it will abort the mission and RETURN TO HOME” Part of his answer indicates it’s drone dependent and indicating newer drones will abort the mission. But define “newer” Manufactured after what date or is it model related after a certain date. I fly the DJI Air2s. Purchased last December so it’s just over 4 months old.

I guess I’ll have to take it to the football pitch and let it fly a low mission and disconnect the RC during mission to see what happens.

This might help.
If a drone has ‘on-board’ waypoint support, it will continue a mission IF you have set the option for it to do so.
If a drone doesnt have ‘on-board’ waypoint support (using Virtual Stick Control) then it will not continue a mission when the signal is lost.

I have this page bookmarked, just to use as reference (date of release, waypoint support, etc)

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Sorry about that Jerbear. I can’t say “Yes, it will abort” or “No, it won’t” without knowing which drone we are talking about. If there is specific terminology that needs clarification, let us know.

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I agree with all so far, to many factors.
Model, Firmware of bird, etc.
Litchi is using software provided by DJI to do this.

I still don’t want to read the details and still do not remember how to find, what sam posted If you start at to https://flylitchi.com/

You all know I have been really confused on this website structure.

Anyways I hope @Thanos_June replies!


Dit you actually read the Online User Guide?

Please explain what’s confusing to you from this screenshot directly from Litchi’s Online User Guide ?

Read the above screenshot, or better the Online User Guide.

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Sorry, I created another conflict, Hopefully OP will get back to us.


Possibly the easiest answer to this question is also one that has appeared on this forum from time to time, and that is (except for the Mavic 3 Enterprise series) all drones that use the DJI Fly app will RTH when the signal is lost. Drones that use the DJI GO and Go4 apps will finish the mission since it is uploaded to the drone. (they also do not use VSC) While reading the “Details” can be tedious and boring, remaining ignorant is also tedious and boring. Read and explore your real potential.


I think I get your theory, I need to look for the online spread sheet again.
Rod …

Just getting back to this now. Been busy with other things. The Litchi Manual. I have read it. I’ve actually printed it out as I would do with most manuals including the User Guide for my Air2s, when I need to learn how they work but as I previously stated some of the terminology used can be quite confusing. Most likely written by some tech genius who neglected to write it from the lay persons perspective. I will go through this manual, all 59 A4 pages of it, and I will highlight those areas which for me need clarification. As Arnie would say…“I’ll be back!”


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Yep, I agree.

I guess the OP disappeared.
I will still be on this thread, I’m into the facts.

As Arnie would say…“I’ll be back!”

Is it supposed be Arnold

I hate it when I get in a hurry :ok_hand:

Rod …