Radar on iOS version of litchi?

Hello everybody,
I am a brand new user of litchi as I am a user of iPhone and DJI Mini2.
I have been using, since I had my mini2, the DJI Fly app to control my drone.
I made my first flights using the litchi app las week-end. The waypoint and follow me mode are great added features for the mini 2. Thus I have been a been disappointed when, at the end of my waypoint mission, I had some difficulties to fly back the drone as I couldn’t find the radar indicator on which I usually relay in order to fly back my drone.
On the litchi online documentation, UI screenshots show a radar, but on my iOS app, there’s none. Is that normal ?
Thanks in advance for your answers,
Best regards,

Yes that’s normal.

There’s a General Setting in the Litchi App you could try:
-Show Home Orientation On/Off
In Mission Settings set ‘Finish Action’ to ‘RTH’ or ‘Back to 1’

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