Quickshot menu found


I use Litchi with my Mavic Air and Mini SE, and I didn’t found the Quickshot mode ? I have see some YouTube hold version vidéo and Quickshot was In FPV, Waypoint, Track menu but un my version i didn’t have this

Litchi doesnt have a ‘Quickshot’ mode. That mode is in the DJI app.

Very not cool because we pay 30€ for this app and she’s not complete compared Dji App

Litchi isnt designed to compete with the DJI app. It helps to fill voids that DJI apps don’t have or dont implement easily.
Creating and editing waypoint missions from a home computer, for example. Sure cant do that with DJI Fly.


Yes, the QuickShot function in DJI Fly is kind of like a small collection of pre-configured flights around a subject. I’ve tried it once just to see how it worked.

Although Litchi has may options, the thing most people buy Litchi for is the advanced waypoint functionality. With waypoints you can design your own custom “quick shots” to do anything you want. The purpose of Litchi is not to replicate what DJI Fly does. Instead, its purpose is to extend the capabilities of your drone beyond what can be done using DJI Fly. If Litchi’s only function was waypoints, it would still be worth the cost.