Question about Litchi App and Redundancy with RC Pro Controller (Non-Litchi)


Can you use two controllers to control an air 2s? (Not at the same time). I’ve heard some stories of drones flying away with the Litchi app and I want to make sure I can potentially fire up my RC Pro Controller to “save” my drone if I have an issue with the Litchi app and my phone. If I wanted to do that, how would I go about it?

The scenario I’m thinking is this…
Phone bugs out and drone starts flying away. When I realize this, I immediately turn off the Litchi/Android controller and then power up my RC Pro Controller right away. Would it connect and then allow me to take control again?

Sorry if this is a noob question, just want to have redundancies in place. Appreciate it!

No it won’t work No it won’t work

surely on signal loss you’ve got it set to RTH

Yes, of course. These are hypothetical situations I’m asking about.

You cannot switch the remote when the drone is already flying


Thank you, that’s what I needed to hear. Appreciate it.

You can always use rth or the mode switch, these buttons work regardless of the application.