Quest 2 Running Litchi | Let's Make It Happen!

A while back, I had an idea: fly my Mini from my Quest 2 natively. It was an amazing idea, so I ordered a USB C to C (Female to female) cord and plugged it in. I booted up DJI Fly, it asked if I wanted to let the controller send and receive files, and I pressed yes. Excitedly… nothing happened. DJI didn’t recognize the controller, probably because the controller wasn’t getting through to the app (software blocked).

My goal is to run DJI Fly on my Quest 2 and connect it to my Mini. The issue appears to be that the Quest 2 won’t let the controller access the app, or vice versa. Someway, I want to connect the two, possibly by using a specialized version of Litchi for Quest 2, or figuring out how to get the Quest 2 to let Litchi/DJI Fly to see the controller.

In the comments, please suggest how we can get this to work!