Publish a mission

when I created a mission I unchecked the “private” box, but the mission does not appear in the discover missions. Has anyone noticed this bug yet?

You have to create a video (YouTube, for example) and link the video to the mission. Then it will be discoverable. Missions alone do not appear there.

I can unchecked the “private” box, but actually it’s still keep private until I upload a video ? Lol. How can we know that ? Don’t let we uncheck this box if it does not have effet !
Finaly, I think it’s not cool to oblige people to upload a video to be able to publish a mission.

You can share a mission with someone without associating a video with it, but the mission itself (waypoint placement, settings, etc) doesn’t tell the whole story without being able to see the resulting video captured using that mission.
What is the purpose of publishing a mission, if you don’t want to show the video from that mission?

From the Mission Hub user guide:

  • Open…: Click to open the mission browser. In the mission browser’s ‘My Missions’ tab, you can open your own missions and view/edit them. Attaching a video to a mission and disabling the ‘Private’ checkbox will make it appear on the map for other users. The mission browser’s ‘Discover’ tab lists public missions from other Litchi users.