Problems running Litchi on my Laptop/

Greetings! I know I had Litchi installed and working on my old laptop so I tried to install it on my newer laptop using BlueStacks as suggested. It installed from the Google Play Store just fine but it will not run. I have even tried deleting and reinstalling BlueStacks but that did not help. I can start the app but all I get is a blank black screen.

I have started a case with BlueStacks but I have not gotten any response from them yet. I am hoping that someone here can help me out with this so I can plan some missions using my laptop. Thanks and Happy New Year to all!

Why do you need anything from the google play store, just go here to plan your missions Mission Hub - Litchi


I thank you very much for that information. I had totally forgot about that. Now to install Google Earth to go with it. Thanks again and I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!

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I am right in the middle of doing this myself.
graywoulf Was making the question… Can you run? The Android app. On a Windows PC.
The great advantage. As I have a 24 inch screen. would be. 2. DRAW My flight. Plan. Using my finger.! When I have. completed the path… The Lichy Android app. Gives me a very nice. smooth. track. … I think Lichy allows for 99 waypoints.

Now I am only beginning. in trying to run. an Android app. using blue stacks. I have already tried chromeOS.Flex with no result. I haven’t used chromeOS Yet.
If anybody has. solved this problem. I would be very interested to hear.

I tried installing Litchi using BlueStacks and it would not run the app.

No. The app (IOS or Android) are designed to run on devices that operate on those platforms.
Pre-planning a waypoint mission on a Windows PC is the purpose of the Mission Hub. Then, the mission is synced with the Android or IOS device and is ready to run.

Thank you Sam. I will continue down this path… For a little while longer. I also downloaded Lychee. on the. bluestacks. emulator, … I would also like to know if the. Android device. Chromebooks. Works.?
I also have tried. Linking the Android. phone. To Microsoft’s. link phone app. … This works. But they do not give you full screen. But only a three quarter Screen…

I am speaking.this post. Using Windows 11 voice access. I hope to improve the syntax. as you can see, but there is not enough options to change things at the moment. Philip.

Forget all of that. There is no reason to try to run the Litchi app on any device other than the one used to fly the drone. The main purpose of the Litchi app is to fly a drone.

Litchi’s Mission Hub (a web page) is the proper tool to run on a desktop or laptop. The purpose of Litchi’s Mission Hub is to provide a more comfortable way to design missions using a larger screen than what is found on a phone or a tablet.


The last point. that you made about being comfortable. is exactly the same point. In my text.
I am far more comfortable. Drawing. a provisional. route And after that is complete. I can fine tune it in. mission hub. My missions. always use more than 10 to 15 waypoints.
For a couple of years now. I have been experimenting. with synchronizing my flights with music.

Anything to make the process quicker. I will look into.
I am impressed, though. With the quick. response to my questions. thanks to both of you.