Problem with waiponts mode. Mini 2.

Mini 2. Yesterday I found such a problem, - I flew one flight in waiponts mode, returned the drone to the start of the flight and decided to send it again with the same parameters in waiponts MODE, the drone took off and hovered, the smartphone screen showed b, then the mission was in action, BUT the drone remained hanging over the take-off site… I tried again, the situation was repeated, I left the program and built the route again, but everything was repeated. Before that, I flew normally in waiponts mode several times. At the same time, in normal mode, the drone continues to fly normally.

Maybe accidentally switched to simulator or sport mode

No, the application immediately informs you that you need to set the normal position and does not launch waiponts mode at all, and I wrote earlier that the program was activated and the drone hovered at a height of about 1.5 m. At the same time, he reported that the mission was being carried out, but the drone was standing at a height without moving.

Maybe it is some issue with the latest firmware. I haven’t tested waypoints on that firmware because I don’t want to update for now.


Perhaps, and by the way, my satellites gradually “fell off” more than once in a place where there is not a soul closer than 500 meters - I was flying over the bay (frozen) below there were no ships, no islands, no people, only ice from the sky and clear, blue sky from above, and then suddenly the number of satellites began to decrease, 24 to 4, and it’s not in the city but in an open space… And it was several times during the flight… This has never happened before…

Just thinkin’, maybe it was Russia shutting down their Glonass satellites because of the war in Ukraine and the drone lost all of those satellites?
I know it sounds very random, but it’s an option.

It’s not a light bulb) - they turned it off in one place and turned it on again after 100 meters… And then again several times. And again, it could be like this - there were 24 became 12 (approximately), and not 0-4 satellites… That is, as if a complete shutdown of the module.

Where abouts are you based to have a frozen bay

Gulf of Finland. Sestroretsk, Russia.

Could possibly be an atmospheric disturbance of some sort or possibly the Russians as previously suggested