problem of connections

i have a mavic mini 2 se. I bought litchie this morning. the app does not connect to my drone. i have no other background apps i tried restarting the phone to rule out dji fly. but i can’t get it to connect to litchie. could someone help me?

What phone is it, that you are using

Samsung galaxy note 10 lite

@Enrico_Martelli , have you used that same phone, cable, etc to connect the DJI Fly app to your Mini 2 SE?

yes all the same.
GPS works on litchi btu the app say DISCONNECT


The Mini 2SE is a brand new drone from DJI. It is the same as the Mini 2 except for its camera. Litchi does support the Mini 2. However, the Mini 2SE is not yet supported. Whether or not the Mini 2SE is, or will be, supported by Litchi is complicated. Let me explain.

The current Litchi app is written based on DJI’s MSDK version 4. In the past, when DJI created a new drone, support for that drone was added to the MSDK, making it relatively easy for companies like Litchi to also support it. Late last year, DJI moved all of their development effort to MSDK version 5. No additional development has been done on MSDK version 4. This leaves 3rd-party support for the Mini 2SE in an “unknown” state. In order for Litchi to support it, DJI would have to support it (in MSDK version 4). However, with DJI’s move to MSDK version 5, we don’t know if they will go back and make any modifications to version 4. My guess would be that any changes would be minimal, but we don’t know what DJI’s plans are.

I hope that explains the current state of things regarding the Mini 2SE.


May have i a refund then? I bought app and i cant use it

I would think that you can. You will need to email Litchi support at and explain to them that you thought the Mini 2SE was supported and you erroneously purchased the app.

There’s a clear message from DJI. They’re NOT planning for MSDK support on Mini 2 SE. Unfortunately.

Yes… It’s difficult to know what DJI’s plans are. They recently announced that they will support the Mini 3 Pro in Q2 in their SDK even though that is not an “Enterprise” aircraft.