Preprogrammed Close Dynamic Filming For A Static Target

Hello all!

I’m new to the game, trying to purchase the right drone and understanding the capabilities of Litchi.

I have a YouTube channel where I sing songs in different locations.

I want to make the content more dynamic with drone footage, but the flight needs to be automated because I travel alone.

Ideally, I would place the drone down, click a preprogrammed flight patch (that can be reused in any location), sing my song for 4 minutes and the drone would fly around me at different angles etc without my input.

I like the quick shots, but is there a way that I could program different ones of them to run in a sequence for 4 minutes for so?

For waypoints, can I program the drone to fly around me in a tight area. The camera should only by 5-10 feet away from me.

Also, any advice on a drone to purchase? I’m thinking the DJI mini 2.

Thanks for your help !!