Precaución. Versión Mismatch. Check Firmware

Hi, I just bought Litchi and paired it with my DJI Mini 2. I get a message on the main screen saying “Caution. Version Mismatch. Check Firmware”. The firmware of my Mini 2 is updated to the latest version so I don’t understand what the problem is.

I answer myself, in case it happens to someone else. My issue has been resolved by simply turning the drone off and on. It looks like it was some communication error. On the other hand, I had another problem that I was able to solve. Once the previous problem was solved, when I opened the app the drone’s camera was not visible. Everything looked green, artifacted. I had previously opened the DJI FLY APP and closed it before opening Litchi but it appears that it has to be closed by selecting the “force stop” option. It is not enough to close the app in the multitasking menu (ANDROID) since it remains running in the background.