Practical Experience in Converting Litchi Hub Mission to DJI Waypoint Mission in Mini 4 Pro

Hello everydody. I am using Litchi since 2018 with my MAVIC 2 ZOOM and a Apple Mini IPad, and that has worked and is still working beautifully. I love combining Drone use with hiking and Litchi Hub is essential in that regard to accurately prepare missions off-field to be flown while I am on the trek. Now I am considering to buy a DJI Mini 4 Pro drone, essentially for portability issues with the MAVIC 2. I understand you can still use Litchi Hub, prepare the mission and then convert it to a DJI Waypoints mission using a free web app, so to upload that to the Mini 4 (with RC2 controller). This step is critical for me and I have few questions for people that have actually done that and used the converted missions: Is the conversion reliable in terms of pathway, drone heading, smothness Camera position and POIs ? What are the features in Litchi Hub that are lost in conversion (if any) ? And is there anything that is actually working better in DJI Waypoint mission environment that I should include in my workflow ? Any practical points of view and hints are most wellcome !

As far as I know, DJI hasnt released a SDK for the Mini 4. Which means, Litchi (nor any developer) can provide a 3rd party app for that model.

The last info I saw was possibly a 2nd Qtr 2024 release, but we’ve heard similar promises from DJI before.

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I believe he is referring to my converters.

A converted Litchi mission will have a deviated flight path.
This is caused by the way DJI waypoint missions are constructed.
“Straight Lines” and “Curved Turns” missions do not exist is DJI missions.
All DJI missions are Curved, but not in the same way as Litchi missions.
A DJI mission will always fly through each waypoint.
This is well explained in this thread:

This method DJI uses works in all 3 dimensions.
Meaning the drone can and will ascent/descent between 2 waypoints with the same altitude, depending on the situation.

Yes, all but pathway.

-Only one action per waypoint (Take Photo, Start Recording & Stop Recording).
-“Straight Lines”

Not that I know of.

Create a bunch of “dummy” missions in DJI Fly and copy them to your computer for future conversions, also keep them well documented and create a unique folder for each of them.

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Yup, those are exactly the converters I was referring to (Thank you for your work, BTW :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, you have clarified a lot of obscure things and answered most of the questions I had. I think next step now is trying this out by myself !