Possible to set waypoints accurate to 1meter?

I tried using set waypoints at aircraft.
So I move to a location and then pressed shortcut key on my rcpro to set waypoint1.
Then move to another location about 5meters away and pressed shortcut key on rcpro to set waypoint2.
When I play the mission, the air2s’s flight path was off quite a lot.
Is this normal?
Is there a better way to accurately create waypoints on the drone controller that will reflect exact location as user wanted?

Consumer GPS is only accurate to a few meters. You can specify exact coordinates but there will always be some variation when flying a mission.


Allow me to come in here - what lines of drones, say DJI drones, are considered “not consumer drones” and can achieve higher accuracy with Litchi? I’d like to know for future. Thank you!

My guess would be the enterprise models.
If the mavic3 are able to have precise gps, I would upgrade my air2s.

I used litchi way point w/my Mavic Pro (1) with 9 way points last year. It hit every way point as programed, took the requested pics and landed exactly in the center of my landing pad (3" from the exact takeoff point).
IMHO DJI’s newer drones (especially the Air 3) GPS precision has gotten significantly worse than the earlier drone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I now have the FPV & Air 3, neither of them can get within 3 feet of the home point. Except for the photographic quality, I wish I’d kept my Mavic Pro (1).:confused:

That’s really bad.
Btw, does the obstacle sensors work during waypoint mode?
I tried the waypoint under shelter.
My air2s just go straight up and kept banging against the ceiling. The up obstacle sensor not activating.

Just concern when the drone is conducting its path of the waypoint & the gps is not accurate, will the drone’s flight path be stopped if it detects an obstacle?

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My Air 3 lands within inches EVERY time.
Read the manual on how to use precision landing.