Point of interests

I would like the ability to insert a point of interest in an already established mission
with out all the nearby waypoints jumping to point to the newly inserted point of interest.
Scrambling my mission.

Point of interest markers inserted should be inert until a waypoint is actually directed to be pointed at it.

I might be wrong but my experience has been that when a POI is added to an existing saved flight path, each nearby waypoint camera orientation will need to be set manually so they all point to the new POI, unlike the instance where the POI is placed when the waypoint mission is first being created, in which case all waypoints in the vicinity of the POI automatically align to face the POI.

To go along with the @Mad_Pup if existing waypoints are already focused on a POI (or if they are set to ‘None’) then a new POI wont affect those waypoints.
Thats my experience, anyway.

When you add a POI to a mission without POI’s, That POI will be allocated to ALL existing waypoints and consequently ALL will point to that POI.
This is NOT not desirable, in fact very annoying and disrupting.

In my opinion it’s a bug in the Mission Hub.
Just like the missing “Rotation Direction”


Tribar understands !

Spending hours perfecting exact headings for each waypoint in a 85 waypoint mission, then deciding to add
a first Point of Interest, will spoil your day.


This could well be considered a bug if you weren’t expecting this behavior. However, if your goal was to plan a mission with your last step being to place your one and only POI, the current behavior would be expected and desired.

This reminds me of programmers who will spend hours perfecting their code and then loose it all because of an unexpected mishap (power outage or other unplanned glitch). That should be the last time they spend all that time coding (or in your case mission planning) without saving. There is no good reason to not periodically saving during the creation of a complex mission.

Perhaps one of these two functions would solve both issues:

  1. An undo function to undo the last change.
  2. A popup dialog when placing a POI prompting for which waypoints should be affected.

I disagree, that’s what Batch Edit is for and keeps me in control of the mission.
I don’t want the Mission Hub take decissions for me, I want to be in control.

They already took away part of that control by omitting Rotation Direction, pans greater than 180° are NOT possible any more, and rotation direction for pans exactly 180° is unpredictable.

That would be nice.

or use Batch Edit after placing the POI.

What I also consider a bug is the fact that when you change Heading Mode from Auto to any of the 3 other Heading modes, ALL waypoints in the mission will be pointing North.
NONE of the headings should change unless I choose to.

That’s a fair assessment. The current behavior is correct for only one special case.

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All good points above, but back to point one …