POI points, and its real heights, which ones?

Good morning everyone. Surely this topic has already been addressed, but believe me, I find nothing and therefore I ask for help.
When you insert a POI, for example on the roof of a building or a tower, what height does the POI read, which one from the ground or where I put it from? Did I express myself well? If I put a POi on the roof of a building 20 meters high and I want the camera to frame more or less in the middle of the building, what height should I put? negative or positive with respect to the ground? and then, do I have to activate the “above ground” box? A thousand thanks. Of course this also applies to wypoints and that is where does the measurement start?

ALL heights are relative to the take-off point.

All heights above grondlevel are relative to the groundlevel at take-off point.

Hello TriBar and thanks for the prompt reply and sorry if maybe I have been repetitive with my question. So, I think I understand what you mean, but I have some doubts. You said that each height, both of Poi and Wypoint, refers to the height of the take-off point (first of all I intend to do the mission from a pc and then save it) when I go to insert a POI on a building or bridge, as I do I know from 2km away that building how many meters it is with respect to the take-off point? Or maybe I got it wrong?

In the Mission Hub:
Place Waypoint-1 at/near your take-off point (This is VERY important).
Place a POI at your desired location, set it’s altitude to the height of the building/bridge and check the ‘Above Ground’ box.

In the example below the “top of the building/bridge” is 83.8m above the take-off point.

Would this POI be a waypoint, the drone would climb to this altitude.

ah here, now everything is clear to me. Thanks TriBar.
You must know that I am an old lychee customer and I am in love with it for its potential, in fact I have 3 licenses for the various platforms, ios android and smart controller, but since my work leads me to always stay away from home, sometimes I forget the various features and settings.

So when I go to place the POI on the building, he always reads the height from the ground and not from the roof where I placed it? this was my doubt and that is, if the POI read the Zero point from the roof of the building / bridge or from the ground. If, on the other hand, I wanted to frame the camera at half height of the building / bridge, I would have to enter 10 meters, right?

The Online Elevation Data Litchi uses are ground elevations.

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Thank you veri much.