POI gimbal default gimbal

I notice when setting up a flight in MH that if i set a WP to a POI that the gimbal action is set at disabled and you have to manually set it to FOCUS POI, shouldnt this be the default if a POI number is chosen in the POI list drop down?

You set a “Default Gimbal Pitch Mode” in “Mission Settings”, then this Default setting will apply to EVERY waypoint you create from then on.

When you assign a POI (number) to a WP, the drone itself will point to this POI (this is called the Heading). When you additionally want the camera pitch to that POI, you will have to set the according Gimbal Pitch (Focus POI).

So you can control the Heading of the drone and the gimbal pitch seperately by assigning a POI to a WP.

That makes sense, and also explains why the camera moves during the mission