Please add action "Pan Camera" (gimbal) in waypoint to optimise obstacle detection

I use an “air 2s” which has a good obstacle detection function provided that the drone moves forward or backward in its axis.
With “Litchi” in a mission with “POI”, the drone often turns and flies sideways. Obstacle detection is then no longer effective! I have already lost a drone for this reason.
However, on an “Air 2s”, the horizontal gimbal rotation amplitude (pan) is high (+/- 60°), which could avoid (or limit) the rotation of the drone which continues to fly in axis (“Heading” at 0). Obstacle detection is then effective.

A first step would be to propose a “Pan Camera” “action” by defining an angle for each “waypoint” (like the “Tilt Camera” action already available).
The ideal would be to develop an algorithm that calculates the “tilt” and “pan” values ​​in real time to target the “POI” while keeping the orientation of the drone close to the heading of the movement. Flight safety would be greatly improved.

I hope that the next versions of “Litchi” will take these proposals into account. Thank you.