Pilot beta availability

I just bought a new drone, at DJI mini 3. I used to have the mini SE and used this app to fly and is much better than the DJI fly app. However I renew my membership when I bought my mini 3 only to realize I could not fly the mini 3 with the lichi app. Attempted to download the beta only to find out there is not room. Is there any way you could either make room on the pilot beta app so that I can join in the testing and development of this wonderful app? Or could you please refund me my membership to the original app as I no longer have a drone that can be flown using the original app. I eat so can I either have a refund or could you please make room on the pilot beta for me to fly. Thank you

What does this mean? The Litchi app is a one-time purchase. There is no renewable membership for the use of Litchi.

A number of people have asked the same question. I have not seen new beta slots being opened for others so this does not look like a possibility.

Forgive me if I am misunderstanding your request but if you have paid for, and then used the Litchi app for a previously-owned drone, you wouldn’t have any grounds for refund, would you?

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