Photos with interval


Is it possible to set making photos with interval all time I fly?

The ‘Waypoint Setting’ ‘Interval’ acts like a switch.
It will keep active until you disable it at some waypoint.
You can use the ‘Capture Mode’ setting in ‘Camera Settings’:

Make shure you have ‘Auto Record’ set to Off, otherwise the drone will start recording video as soon as it launches.

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Thank You :slight_smile: Will try it today :slight_smile:

my drone flys hub mission briefly, then wanders a bit; seems lost/stuck; would love this to work perfect

Hello, I had also a same kind of problem with Waypoint -Mission.
I have made the waypoints with straight-lines. I made it so that
it should be recording video during the flight.
Then stop for 3 sec. at waypoint and take a foto.
Then continue the trip with recording video and so on…

  1. Stay for 3 sec.
  2. Stop recording.
  3. Take a foto.
  4. Start recording.

When I begin to look my videos on sd-card I noticed that the video was ok and it has stopped
at each point and then started again…
But no fotos at all.
Now I think that my problem was just that autorecord, It was “on”.
Does it stop the foto capturing during the flight?

By the way, I am using DJI Phantom 4 and with Litchi-Hub and app.

The order of Actions should be:

1.Stop recording.
2.Stay for 1 sec.
3.Take a foto.
4.Start recording.

You should also turn off AFC (Auto Focus Continuous).

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Thanks TriBar.
I will check those settings.
Does the autorecord “on” stop foto capturing during the flight?

With Auto Record set to On, the camere will start recording video as soon as the drone takes off.
While recording video the camera is not able to take photo’s until a command to stop recording is given, either manually or by an Action.

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So with these settings photos is taken
and the autorecord can be set on.

Action stops recording and stays for 1sec, take a foto and then starts recording.

Yes, unless AFC is on, it can prevent taking photos.

Thanks TriBar, I will check AFC setting.